78 weeks… 16 weeks and Happy Easter!

Brady says:

“Hoppy” Easter, everyone!  Mommy, Daddy, Bruno, Baby and I had the best Easter ever! Not only did the Badgers make it to the National Championship Game (tune in tonight at 8:18pm to see them defeat Duke for the championship!), but Mommy and Daddy also had a lot of fun Easter activities planned for me!

On Saturday, we went to our church Eggstravaganza!!  We got our pictures taken in the photo booth, I got a balloon sword, and I got to participate in the egg hunt (sort of). I was a bit slower than the rest of the 2-4 year olds and was in awe of all the people. Daddy came through though and picked up 1 egg for me.  Check out some of the videos and pictures that Daddy took from Saturday and Sunday:

Standing in line for my balloon sword

IMG_20150404_100047047 IMG_20150404_100058931_HDR IMG_20150404_100143512 IMG_20150404_100245169

During the egg hunt.  As you can see, I was a little behind everyone else!

IMG_20150404_101607494 IMG_20150404_101610350 IMG_20150404_101619545 IMG_20150404_101627374

Checking out the inflatables… I am a little too little yet.  Boo!

IMG_20150404_101827121 IMG_20150404_101926510

On Sunday afternoon, Daddy, Mommy, and I (Baby and Bruno too) had our own first ever Meissner egg hunt!  Which was AWESOME!!  The egg hunt was much less congested and I got to find ALL the eggs at my own speed.

IMG_20150405_145502553 IMG_20150405_145716625 IMG_20150405_145232164 IMG_20150405_145219372 IMG_20150405_145025248_HDR IMG_20150405_145005108_HDR

We also colored and decorated eggs on Sunday.  I got to pick out the stickers that I wanted on my eggs, and only cracked a couple when I decided to hit them together… oops!  I can’t wait until my little brother or sister are here because I know he/she will have so much fun next year!

IMG_20150405_180511852 IMG_20150405_180350365_HDR IMG_20150405_180347789_HDR IMG_20150405_143950358_TOP IMG_20150405_143935133 IMG_20150405_180520408

Baby says:

“Hoppy” Easter to everyone as well!  Now that I’m 16 weeks old, the tiny bones in my ears are in place and I can hear voices.  While I wasn’t able to physically participate in all the Easter activities this year, I could hear how much fun it was and can’t wait until next year!  My big brothers and I are going to have a lot of fun!!


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