The 1st and 2nd Bucks Game … 17 Weeks and 79 Weeks

Baby says:

At 17 weeks old, I weigh about 3.5 ounces and am 5 inches in length this week.  My body fat is also beginning to form (and will continue to accumulate until my debut) so that it makes up almost two-thirds of my birth weight!  Now that my ears are formed and I’m listening in, I can be startled by loud noises and will begin to get accustom to certain sounds as well (like when my big brothers whine … all the time)!

I also attended my 1st Bucks game this week with Mommy, Daddy and Brady.  I’m happy to report that they won (unlike the Brewers who are now 1-5, urgh).  While I wasn’t able to watch the game, I was listening to the music, crowd, and announcer – I think I’ll have a great time next year!

Brady says: 

Mommy, Daddy and I (my little brother or sister too) went to my 2nd official Bucks game on Sunday!  Similar to last year, the cheerleaders were my favorite… although Baby – if you’re a girl, I don’t think Daddy will let you be a cheerleader!!  In fact, I think his exact words were “if my daughter ever wore something like that, it wouldn’t be good.”  LOL! Along with the cheerleaders, I also liked the food – the chicken tenders and french fries that Daddy got me were delicious!  And, I did better than Daddy thought – I made it until the start of the 3rd quarter before I was ready to leave.  Mommy only had to take me out (just before halftime) so I could walk around. I discovered the escalators and took Mommy up and down them about 80 times … then Mommy said that was enough.

Check out some of the pictures and videos from yesterday’s Bucks game.  We had great seats… corner court side, row C:

IMG_20150412_132102877_HDR IMG_20150412_150831490 IMG_20150412_140351732 IMG_20150412_133430957 IMG_20150412_133335615 IMG_20150412_132302643

And after the game…. I was pretty tired!



2 thoughts on “The 1st and 2nd Bucks Game … 17 Weeks and 79 Weeks

  1. Brady, Grumpa gives you 3c’s for your video. Cool, calm, and collected, you are quite the little man. Must be the combination of genes, making us proud! Love from Chili.

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