18 Weeks & 80 Weeks … Just Hangin’ Out in SP

Baby says:

This week I’m 18 weeks old and 5.5 inches long.  I weigh about five ounces (or the size of a boneless chicken breast), and am getting large enough now for Mommy to start feeling me twisting, rolling, kicking and punching my way around the womb… which she’s felt a few “flutters” already.  At my last check-up, my heart rate was good and strong at 150; which is identical to my big brother’s heart rate at 18 weeks.  And my skill of the week: the art of the yawn has been mastered. In fact, it’s possible that Mommy and Daddy may catch a glimpse of my adorable yawn and all my other movements at their next ultrasound in a couple weeks.  So am I a girl or a boy? My doctor knows and the ultrasound technician will know at our next ultrasound, but don’t worry – they won’t tell!

Brady says:

At just over 18 months old, I now weigh about 25 lbs. (naked weight) and am 33 inches in length.  I’ve dropped some in the growth chart percentiles, but am still around the 70th percentile.  My head circumference is still leading the way, however, in the 75th percentile.  Once again, I’d like to thank Daddy for this wonderful trait! 🙂

This past week, Mommy, Daddy, and I (Baby too) went to the Sun Prairie Library and also ran (well Daddy drove, but Mommy, Bruno, and I ran) to the park by our house to play.  The weather has been great, but it’s not looking as great this week – boo! Anyways, check out some of the pictures and video that Daddy took of me at the library and park:

At the library






At the park









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