A Weekend of Events at 81 Weeks and 19 Weeks

Brady says:

Last weekend was a weekend full of varying events and varying weather!  On Saturday, we went downtown for our first Farmer’s Market of the season, but our last Kids in the Rotunda of the season.  It was also the annual Crazy Legs Race, which means cool weather (as I have yet to experience a warm, sunny Crazy Legs Race).  But that’s okay. Mommy and Daddy bundled me up and we were ready to check out the Farmer’s Market and cheer on the racers!  I got to see the UW band and (drum roll, please) … the cheerleaders!

IMG_20150425_095712863_TOP IMG_20150425_095717969_HDR IMG_20150425_100240362_HDR IMG_20150425_100323693_HDR IMG_20150425_100335662_HDR IMG_20150425_100743036_HDR

And, I will also add that I LOVED the last Kids in the Rotunda performance, as The Gomers performed, which was karaoke for kids!  Other kids sang all sorts of songs, but my favorite (and unfortunately we missed it because I was ready to eat and take my afternoon nap) was “Let It Go.”


On Sunday, we had sunny skies and warmer weather as we headed to our first Brewers game of the season.  As Mommy and Daddy would say, I did okay.  I was really good during “tailgating,” as I spent most of my time sitting at the table eating (one of my favorite things to do), but I could only sit in our seats until the 3rd inning (despite Daddy having movies playing on my tablet).  And by the 5th quarter, I decided it was time to go and started to get a little crabby.  What Mommy and Daddy learned, they will not be spending a lot of money on good seats for any games this season as we likely won’t be sitting there long! 🙂

IMG_20150426_123747763_TOP IMG_20150426_121301809 IMG_20150426_124111585IMG_20150426_125700703IMG_20150426_125651895IMG_20150426_141501396IMG_20150426_145108074IMG_20150426_145128384IMG_20150426_132519860_HDRIMG_20150426_132337214

I was starting to get kind of crabby by the 4th quarter … sorry, Mommy!


And was pretty tired on the way home … I slept the whole way back!


Baby says:

Well, now that I’m 19 weeks old this week, I’m about 6 inches in length and weigh about a half pound.  My arms and legs are finally in proportion, my neurons are now connected between my brain and muscles, and the cartilage throughout my body is turning to bone.  All these upgrades combine to give me more control over my limb movements.  Which explains all the kicking, stretching and bodysurfing (or rather bellysurfing) Mommy is feeling.  And Mommy is starting to look pregnant, as my size has made her stomach emerge into more than a beer belly these days.  And her appetite, well… let’s just say I’m a hungry boy or girl!  And while her cravings are not always pizza and ice cream, a good six-pack and pound (a six-pack of tacos and pound of potato oles from Taco John’s that is) always sounds good!



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