A Weekend of Garage Sales

Brady says:

I’m happy to report that we are all survived our garage sale last weekend, and it even turned out to be a pretty successful sale!  The weather was great both days and the crowds were pretty steady…  And come Saturday afternoon, everything that didn’t sell was loaded up and taken to Goodwill (as Mommy didn’t want anything coming back into the house because we need to make room for my little brother or sister)!

Bruno and I even got to participate in the sale… Bruno barked, whined, and dropped his ball at every browsing shopper’s foot to see if someone would throw his ball for him (he got thrown into the house a number of times by Daddy, as he found Bruno’s behavior quite annoying).  I, on the other hand, found many “treasures” to play with, and was the official greeter.  I said “hi” and “bye-bye” to almost every shopper that stopped in. But the best part was Grandpa taking me “garage sale sledding” down our front hill.  It was a blast!  Thank you, Grandpa!!

IMG_20150501_113752925 IMG_20150501_113637875_TOP IMG_20150501_113326527

Finding lots of garage sale “treasures” to play with


After we closed up the sale on Friday, we treated Grandma & Grandpa to dinner at Buck & Honey’s after all their hard work on Thursday night and Friday.  There was live music playing outside at Buck & Honey’s (and it was really good), but it started to cool down before we finished dinner so I wore my stocking hat while we ate 🙂


After the sale was done on Saturday, I helped Mommy clean up.  We did several loads of laundry, cleaned the house, and Bruno and I got baths!

IMG_20150502_190259705I think we added too much soap to Bruno’s bath… he had A LOT of bubbles, but was still able to find his blue ball, which is the most important for Bruno.  He would stick his head in a pile of bubbles to pick it up – it was so much fun to watch!


Baby says:

This week is a big week for me as I’m 20 weeks old!  Mommy, Daddy, and I have my 20 week ultrasound on Friday and I can’t wait to showoff all my latest skills to them.

I weigh about 10 ounces this week, and (crown to rump) am about six and a half inches in length. Think small cantaloupe (and I’m just as sweet too). While I’m definitely getting bigger each and every day, there’s still plenty of growing room in Mommy’s tummy, which allows me to twist and turn so Mommy can feel my acrobatics!


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