Check Us Out This Week… We Have Skills!

Baby says:

This week I’m 21 weeks old so Mommy, Daddy, and I had our 20 week ultrasound last week.  At this stage, I’m about 7 inches in length and 11 ounces in weight.  At my ultrasound last Friday, I was sure to show off all my skills to Mommy and Daddy!  I yawned a couple times, had the hiccups, and was moving my arms, legs, and body constantly!  I am an active little boy or girl (which Mommy can vouch for as I’m constantly kicking, punching, and doing acrobats in her tummy – sorry, Mommy!). Mommy and Daddy even got to see me in 3D so they could see all my cute little features: eyes, nose, mouth, hands, toes, etc.  Check out some of the photos and video that Daddy took!  P.S. Sorry some of the pictures are a little blurry – Daddy had to take them of the ultrasound screen, but Mommy and Daddy have a lot of printouts that they can show you the next time you stop in to see us!

IMG_20150508_125941856_TOP IMG_20150508_130006526 IMG_20150508_130055963 IMG_20150508_130121632_TOP IMG_20150508_130159428 IMG_20150508_130853617 IMG_20150508_130950941 IMG_20150508_130959999 IMG_20150508_131003829 IMG_20150508_131045256 IMG_20150508_131219519 IMG_20150508_131312500 IMG_20150508_131316677IMG_20150508_131355855_TOP IMG_20150508_131357345IMG_20150508_131424464

Brady says:

Like my little brother or sister, I needed to show off some of my skills this week too!  All I can say is that I am one fearless boy!  Daddy may think that I whine too much, but I am tough… very tough!  I go super fast on “Dusty” (my plane) and like to ride standing up!  Check this out:

IMG_20150509_082648727 IMG_20150509_082650094 IMG_20150509_082655175 IMG_20150509_082655175_TOP



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