Mr. Handsome and Little Cutie

Brady says:

Just another day, and just another haircut.  You don’t need to tell me twice, I know I’m one handsome little dude!

At my last haircut, I decided to sit on Daddy’s lap.  We were men – wearing our capes, sitting in the salon, and styling our hair.  Check out the video that Mommy took of me getting my haircut, I did really good.  I like getting my hair cut by Kelly (Mommy’s stylist)… she lets me play with her combs, and mirror, and other styling products.

Baby says:

Like my big brother, Mommy and Daddy think I’m pretty cute too.  Even though I’m still in Mommy’s tummy, our 3D ultrasound let them see my cute little nose, and mouth, and fingers, and toes.  Don’t believe them?  Check out a few of my pictures, and I think you’ll agree 🙂

IMG_20150521_195622 IMG_20150521_195757 IMG_20150521_195816



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