Bunnies, Cows, and Mama’s Belly?

Brady says:

This week’s post is a little eclectic, as there was a little bit of everything happening this past week!  Bunnies were spotted at our house, we went downtown to the Capitol to see some cows, and Bruno – well, Bruno is getting some “snuggle” time in with my little brother or sister just like he did with me.  But, I’ll let baby tell you about it in his or her update.

Within the last few days, Mommy and I (and Bruno) have spotted a couple bunnies strolling through our yard.  They were checking out our grass, as well as the neighbor’s garden.  Mommy and I happened to see them one night before bedtime so we called in Bruno and Daddy to take a look.  Bruno was quite excited!  And if you’re wondering, I have learned to say “Boo-ah no whine-ing!”


And where do you go to see cows when you live in the city?  Well, apparently you go downtown to the Capitol!  It was “Cows on the Concourse” last weekend so Mommy and Daddy took me to the Farmer’s Market and to see the cows!  There were brown cows, white & black cows, and even some calves.  I liked to look at them, but I didn’t want to get too close.  Just looking was okay with me, no need to pet them!

IMG_20150606_095915289 IMG_20150606_095942505 IMG_20150606_095954764 IMG_20150606_100039300 IMG_20150606_100151358 IMG_20150606_100253370

Baby says:

Now that I’m 25 weeks old this week, I’m growing by leaps and bounds.  I’m reaching nine inches in length and passing the pound and a half mark — taller than two juice boxes stacked one on top of the other and almost as heavy as four of them!  Mommy’s tummy has also noticed my increase in size as things are expanding and getting tighter. Bruno, on the other hand, is quite comfortable and easily finds a place to “snuggle” in with Mommy and me.  Much like when Mommy was pregnant with my big brother Brady.  Check out Bruno “snuggling” with me in comparison to when he “snuggled” with Brady… notice any similarities? 🙂  And yes – I promise these pictures were taken almost two years apart!!

Bruno and Me


Bruno and Brady




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