Brewers Weekend with all the Meissner’s!

Brady says:

Last weekend was the annual Meissner’s Brewers Weekend … all my cousins, aunts/uncles, and Grandma & Grandpa came down and stayed with us so we could go to Saturday afternoon’s Brewers game against the Nationals.  The Brewers lost, but I had fun with everyone here.  Check out some of the pictures from the weekend:

Playing at Johnson Creek Mall while we waited for “the girls” to finish shopping so we could head to the Park!

IMG_20150613_104403202 IMG_20150613_105241381 IMG_20150613_110709550_HDR

Taking a little snooze on the way to the Park… Mommy and I needed a little rest before tailgating and watching the ball game.


Tailgate time!  We cooked some brats and burgers and ate some other food before heading in to the Park.  I had a hard time sitting still, but I didn’t get into too much trouble! 😉

IMG_20150613_130805528 IMG_20150613_130809408 IMG_20150613_130814374 IMG_20150613_130814374_TOP IMG_20150613_130821632 IMG_20150613_130828308 IMG_20150613_143307349 IMG_20150613_144142854

“Watching” the game…. I really liked the movie that Mommy and Daddy put on my tablet for me.

IMG_20150613_152328557 IMG_20150613_152349976

“Watching” the game continued… playing at Bernie’s Clubhouse was more fun than having to sit still in my seat.


Dada and my cousin Madden after the game.


A quick picture with my cousins and Grandma & Grandpa before everyone left on Sunday.

IMG_20150614_113128184Baby says:

This week I’m 26 weeks old and will be moving into my third trimester soon.  Time flies! I now weigh a full two pounds and measure nine-plus inches, so I’m starting to feel a little cramped in Mommy’s tummy these days.  While I still have the same view (Mommy’s tummy), my eyes are beginning to open this week and I can see what’s going on.  What do you think: will I have blue eyes like Daddy, hazel-ish eyes like my big brother, or brown eyes like Mommy?  Cast your vote now!



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