Father’s Day Weekend with Daddy

Brady says:

Happy Father’s Day to all Dads and Grandpas (well, belated Happy Father’s Day that is)! Daddy, Mommy, Baby and I (Bruno too) had a great weekend with Daddy.  Even though the weather didn’t completely cooperate on Saturday (isolated showers), and I wasn’t feeling well on Friday, we still had a lot of fun!  So check out some of the pictures and videos of us from the weekend:

Watching Rugby Saturday morning in Cottage Grove before the parade started


Looking at the horses that will be part of the Cottage Grove Pro Rodeo.  I was talking to them… horses say, “neigh, neigh!”


At the Cottage Grove Parade.  I saw fire trucks, police cars, horses, tractors, collector cars, and a lot more!


The parade was very close to nap time, so I was getting pretty tired.

IMG_20150620_112053990_HDR IMG_20150620_112032664 IMG_20150620_111924996_HDR (1) IMG_20150620_112409605 IMG_20150620_112949857_HDR IMG_20150620_113546063_TOP IMG_20150620_113629134

Saturday afternoon (after nap) we went to eat at Brickhouse BBQ (the mac n’ cheese and french fries were great!)…


…and then we headed down to the terrace for Jazz Fest

IMG_20150620_164832871_HDRIMG_20150620_164819583 IMG_20150620_164311983 IMG_20150620_164200317 IMG_20150620_163840385_HDR IMG_20150620_163603630_HDR

On Sunday we checked out “Make Music Madison,” which is an all-day outdoor concert that is held on the Summer Solstice.  Bruno even got to come, but was really naughty – he whined and barked the entire time!  Daddy was less than impressed with his behavior, and I learned how to say “Boo-ah, no whinin.”


After we left the outdoor concert, we made a pit stop at Ella’s Deli so I could ride the carousel with Daddy

IMG_20150621_154733426 IMG_20150621_154712262

And yes, I was pretty tired after our big weekend!

IMG_20150620_174639106Baby says:

Now that I’m 27 weeks old, and Mommy is nearing the end of her second trimester, I’m nearly 14 inches long and coming in at just over two pounds (double what I was just four weeks ago)!

The past few weeks I’ve been “listening in,” and can now recognize Mommy’s, Daddy’s, and my big brother Brady’s voice (and of course the much frequent whining from my other big brother, Bruno).  So keep talking to me, I’m listening! 🙂

What else is new this week?  My taste buds!  I can now enjoy the taste of pizza and ice cream that Mommy has been enjoying the past few weeks.  And if I’m like my big brother, Mommy will start to feel me hiccuping (maybe all the time like my big brother Brady) as her tummy goes up and down – sorry, Mommy!

And finally, I’d also like to wish all the Dads and my Grandpas Happy Father’s Day!  I can’t wait to meet you!


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