A Little Of This, and A Little Of That

Brady says:

Last weekend Mommy, Daddy, Baby, and I had a lot of fun!  We did “a little of this, and a little of that.”  I got to play in my new swimming pool, see “petting zoo” animals and live music at Shake the Lake Festival, and ended the weekend going to the Brewers game!  I only made it until the 4th or 5th inning (sorry Daddy!), but I had a lot of fun with you and Mommy (Baby too)!  Check out some of the videos and pictures that Mommy and Daddy took:

My new swimming pool.  Daddy had to continually tell Bruno that he couldn’t come in my pool.  He really wanted to play in the water with me, but had to watch from the outside.  Poor Boo-ah!

IMG_20150627_105148244 IMG_20150627_105258918 IMG_20150627_105333478

Shake the Lake Festival

IMG_20150627_173738391_HDR IMG_20150627_175225295 IMG_20150627_180533187_HDR IMG_20150627_180139169_TOP IMG_20150627_180803490_HDR IMG_20150627_181141487 IMG_20150627_175812582Keeping myself busy at the Shake the Lake Festival by playing with Daddy’s hat!

IMG_20150627_182613787_HDR IMG_20150627_182612188 IMG_20150627_182601208Brewers Game!  ….most of these pictures were not taken from our seats… by the 2nd inning I was ready to walk around and play!

IMG_20150628_141600484 IMG_20150628_140845219_HDR IMG_20150628_140410410 IMG_20150628_134511905 IMG_20150628_125731846 IMG_20150628_125724554 IMG_20150628_115456824 IMG_20150628_115323129Baby says:

The countdown is on, everyone!  There are only +/- 81 days before my big debut! Mommy and Daddy feel pretty prepared, but there are a few things that they need to do before I’m here!

  1. Agree on a boy’s name – this one may go to a coin toss!  Does my vote count?
  2. Install a camera in my big brother’s new room
  3. Finish decorating my big brother’s new room
  4. Install rails on Brady’s “big boy” bed
  5. Transition my big brother to his new room and “big boy” bed
  6. Put together the double-stroller
  7. Get out all the infant/baby stuff again!

I think they can do it… and my big brother Brady seems to like his new bed (jumping on it that is – check out the video below).  Kelly (Brady’s daycare provider) said that Brady is doing great sleeping on his cot at nap time so I think it will be an easy transition for him too.  I’m pretty sure he’s ready to be a big brother, and he will be a pretty great big brother in my opinion!





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