Brady’s 4th of July Celebration

This week my little brother or sister decided that I should write the entire blog update and share my 4th of July festivities with all of you!  He or she, like all weeks, has the same view of Mommy’s tummy and thought my blog might be more “visual.”  However, my little brother or sister did want me to tell you that he or she is doing well, getting big, and can’t wait to meet all of you in September!

Mommy, Daddy, and I (Baby and Bruno too) had an extra long weekend for the 4th of July.  Last week we went to the library, park, and I even got to swim in my pool over weekend!  There were also several festivals going on around Madison that we went to; Bruno didn’t get to come to these – based on his “stellar” performance during past trips, but we made sure to throw him his ball at least one million times while we were home!  Just ask Daddy, he may tell you it was three million!

On Friday, we headed to Little Amerricka.  Mommy could only go on a few rides with me (the carousel and train ride) because she is pregnant, but Daddy was a trooper and went on everything else with me.  Some things were a tight squeeze, but he managed to squish in.  On Saturday (the 4th), we watched the DeForest parade and then went to “Rock the Dock” at the Edgewater.  There was music and activities, and we even got to eat at The Boathouse, which overlooked the water so we could watch the Madison Ski Team perform.  Since I go to bed when it’s still light out (around 7pm), we didn’t celebrate by watching any fireworks, but maybe in a couple years I’ll be able to stay up to see them.  And Sunday… well, Sunday was our day to relax.  We went out to breakfast, I took a long nap, and then we spent some time outside swimming (and Daddy threw the ball for Bruno).  We had great weather the entire weekend and I can’t wait until next year!

Check out all the pictures and videos from the 4th!

At the library….

IMG_20150701_180052568 IMG_20150701_181355012 IMG_20150701_175247832

Little Amerricka

IMG_20150703_134918108 IMG_20150703_135646978_HDR IMG_20150703_142957476 IMG_20150703_142727451 IMG_20150703_141415707 IMG_20150703_140350774_TOP IMG_20150703_140333771

IMG_20150703_143244974 IMG_20150703_143252417 IMG_20150703_143300943 IMG_20150703_143732604 IMG_20150703_143831367 IMG_20150703_144014202 IMG_20150703_144144768

IMG_20150703_145253684 IMG_20150703_151214110 IMG_20150703_152448424

4th of July Parade (and car show) in DeForest

IMG_20150704_095449886 IMG_20150704_103236149 IMG_20150704_104243913_TOP IMG_20150704_104256375_HDR IMG_20150704_104455215_HDR IMG_20150704_104521728_HDR IMG_20150704_104625573 IMG_20150704_105010385 IMG_20150704_105024390_HDR

At “Rock the Dock” … eating at The Boathouse and watching the Madison Ski Team

IMG_20150704_170414944 IMG_20150704_170517370_HDR

Swimming on Sunday and just “hanging out”

IMG_20150705_143524440 IMG_20150705_144151260 IMG_20150705_070650668_HDR


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