A Weekend Full of Sand, Water, and Animals

Brady says:

Last weekend was a busy (but FUN) weekend for me, Mommy, Daddy, and Baby!  On Saturday, we met up with Grandpa & Grandma Meissner, Aunt Dawn, and cousin Roe in Green Lake at Heidel House, which is just a little over an hour from our house.  I got to play in the sand, play in the water, and listen to music!  The water was a little green, but I didn’t mind.  Plus, Aunt Dawn and cousin Roe had lots of beach/sand toys that they let me play with, which was awesome!  Grandpa and Daddy even made a “couple hundred” trips with buckets of water to fill my hole that we dug in sand.  Thank you, Grandpa & Daddy!

On Sunday, Mommy, Daddy, and I (Baby too) went to the Milwaukee Zoo.  I saw giraffes, elephants, fish, monkeys, penguins, moose, and much much more!  Mommy and Daddy also took me on the Safari Train ride, which I thought was awesome! Check out all the pictures from the weekend, I can’t wait until I get to go again!

IMG_20150711_141836586 IMG_20150711_143037937_HDR IMG_20150711_143044071 IMG_20150711_143149432 IMG_20150711_143330588 IMG_20150711_143417168 IMG_20150711_143852803 IMG_20150711_145958385_HDR IMG_20150711_160235666 IMG_20150712_094800895 IMG_20150712_094808390_HDR IMG_20150712_095802927 IMG_20150712_100232782 IMG_20150712_100257634_HDR IMG_20150712_100615820_HDR IMG_20150712_101231963_TOP IMG_20150712_102536697 IMG_20150712_102745385 IMG_20150712_102839435_HDR IMG_20150712_104706412 IMG_20150712_104708170 IMG_20150712_110737030_HDR IMG_20150712_110742175 IMG_20150712_110841709 IMG_20150712_114703572 IMG_20150712_114838787_HDR IMG_20150712_122508589 IMG_20150712_122511447_TOP

Baby says:

It won’t be long now, folks!  Now that I’m 30 weeks old, I am weighing in at over 3 lbs… and if you haven’t seen Mommy in a while, her belly’s increasing size is a definite clue that I’m getting bigger every day!  Also growing at a quick pace these days is my brain! Until now, the surface of my brain was smooth — but now, my brain is taking on those characteristic grooves and indentations. The reason for this is to allow for an increased amount of brain tissue — a necessary change as I prepare to develop street smarts for life outside Mommy’s tummy.

What else is changing at 30 weeks? My bone marrow has taken over production of red blood cells (before, tissue groups and then the spleen took care of producing the blood cells). This is an important step for me, because it means that I will be able to thrive on my own once I make my big debut.

Mommy and I also had a doctor’s appointment yesterday (we now have to see my doctor every other week!).  We’re happy to report that all is good.  Mommy is very healthy – low blood pressure, low pulse, and all glucose and diabetes test came back normal.  And as for me?  I’m active and healthy too.  My heart rate was good and strong at around 145 (similar to my big brother Brady’s at this age), and I’m moving regularly… punching, kicking, twisting, and turning inside Mommy’s tummy.


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