A Hot Weekend

Brady says:

I can’t believe July is more than half over… summer has flown by!  Last weekend was hot, very hot.  But, we still ventured out a little.  On Friday, Dan (aka “Junior”), Mommy, Daddy and I went to dinner.  After I went to bed, Mommy, Daddy, and Baby went to Madison’s ‘Live on King Street’ free summer concert series that are held downtown Madison, just off the Capitol.  Junior (and Daisy) stayed with me and Bruno… although, I didn’t even know Mommy and Daddy were gone because they didn’t leave until after I was already in bed.  Who knew that the difficult “child” would be Bruno!  He was so “special” when Daisy was at our house that he peed on the floor and wouldn’t quit whining.  Oh, Bruno!  You are a “special” dude.  Junior did say that he got the dogs settled down (i.e. Bruno settled down as Daisy was a perfect little lady) shortly after Mommy and Daddy left, so I think Junior’s new name should be the Dogsitter Whisperer!

On Saturday, Mommy and I got haircuts – which I really needed if you can’t tell from some of my pictures below (which were taken prior to my Saturday haircut)!  While Mommy was finishing up, Daddy took me to the play area while we waited on Mommy. After nap on Saturday, we headed downtown to Maxwell Street Days and got some GREAT deals on Badger/Wisconsin gear – Daddy was very excited about our $1.00 purchases!  I was very excited about paying in Daddy’s parking ramp (see video below)!

IMG_20150714_185207151_TOPIMG_20150718_074230098 IMG_20150717_065751990_TOP IMG_20150717_065730271IMG_20150718_102341914 IMG_20150718_102341094 IMG_20150718_102116201

Baby says:

As my big brother Brady said, summer is flying by!  I can’t believe that I’m 31 weeks old and weighing in at three-plus pounds.  I’m also measuring around 18 inches in length and am quickly approaching my birth length (my big brother Brady was 19″). I still have to pack on another three to five pounds before my big debut, but it won’t be long now!

Where Mommy goes, I go!  So, I got to go to the concert on Friday, but slept during most of it even though it was a little loud.  These days, I am putting in longer stretches of sleep, which is why Mommy is noticing more defined patterns of wakefulness (and movement) and rest.  I’m still pretty active and seem to be awake more during the day… a pattern that Mommy hopes I keep after D-day.  I think I’ll be a good sleeper just like my big brother Brady – don’t worry, Mommy!

IMG_20150717_220119583 IMG_20150717_215649562 IMG_20150717_215129721 IMG_20150717_212721255


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