Brady’s Art Show

Brady says:

What do you get when you combine ice cream and my “masterpieces”?  An art show and ice cream social at my daycare of course!  Last week my daycare friends and I hosted an “Art Show/Ice Cream Social” for our parents!  We displayed and hung up all our art projects that we’ve been working on over the summer, and showcased them to our parents. “Miss Kelly” (my daycare provider) even picked up ice cream and all the fixins’ for us kids and parents!  I had so much fun showing Mommy and Daddy all the projects that I’ve been working on at daycare, and “introducing” them to all my friends, that I didn’t want to leave!  I made sure to sit by my friend Logan (age 5) as he was eating his ice cream cone, and tried to keep up with Logan and Soren as we wrestled on the floor and ran around!  I even had so much fun that I forgot about eating my ice cream … but don’t worry, Mommy finished it! 🙂

Check out some of the pictures of my work!

IMG_20150806_181119766 IMG_20150806_183940485 IMG_20150806_183956811 IMG_20150806_184021602 IMG_20150806_184043676 IMG_20150806_184056085 IMG_20150806_184118991 IMG_20150806_184130691 IMG_20150806_184137036 IMG_20150806_184150984 IMG_20150806_184159137 IMG_20150806_184210469 IMG_20150806_184243286 IMG_20150806_184319849 IMG_20150806_184328403 IMG_20150806_184400507IMG_20150806_180919919IMG_20150806_180914481IMG_20150806_181005262IMG_20150806_181001587

Baby says:

The countdown is on, folks!  I have about 6 weeks to go, and can’t wait until I get to meet all of you!  This week I’m clocking in at five pounds and could be as tall as 20 inches!  However, chances are that I’ll take after my Big Bro and measure around 19 inches at birth.

If you need a visual, hold a five-pound bag of flour in your arms, and then stack three bags one on top of the other … that’s how tall I could be at 34 weeks.

And even though I’m not Pablo Piscasso (yet) like my Big Brother, my fingernails are now close to reaching the top of my tiny fingers, and are getting ready for my first postpartum manicure so I can start digging into the crayons and paint!  Mommy and Daddy are going to have to get an even bigger house than they anticipated just so they have a room for all our artwork (right, Daddy?!  Mommy is thinking we’ll need at least 6+ bedrooms)! 🙂


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