Brady says:

It’s official, folks!  I could be the next Phil Mickelson, Babba Watson, or Steve Stricker. And no, these guys aren’t famous for their birdies that have wings and go “tweet-tweet”, they are professional golfers scoring “birdies” (1-under par) on any one golf hole.

Last Sunday, Daddy and Mommy took me golfing at a Par 3 golf course.  And I must admit, I’m pretty good!  Although, it’s a lot of walking… next time we need a golf cart! I walked a few holes by myself, but then I needed Mommy to carry me.  I took a few swings with my golf clubs, but I thought that Daddy’s clubs looked like a lot more fun so I decided to use his instead!  Daddy showed me how to tee off and swing, which I thought was pretty cool!  Maybe we’ll go again this weekend?! 🙂

IMG_20150823_101629450 IMG_20150823_101909182 IMG_20150823_101932373 IMG_20150823_101944935 IMG_20150823_102118325 IMG_20150823_102223580 IMG_20150823_102227413 IMG_20150823_102503323 IMG_20150823_102514330 IMG_20150823_102521489 IMG_20150823_102602105 IMG_20150823_102954034_HDR IMG_20150823_103116071 IMG_20150823_103614765 IMG_20150823_105115367 IMG_20150823_105334042

We also went to the library last weekend where I got to play with puzzles, books, and the library’s train set.  Mommy and Daddy rented a few movies and even picked out one for me, “Mater’s Tall Tales” which I loved!  Of course, I wanted to carry all the movies to the car.  I tell Mommy and Daddy, “noooo, I do it” all the time!  Just ask them 🙂

IMG_20150822_165116575 IMG_20150822_165111981_TOP IMG_20150822_165111981 IMG_20150822_165110592 IMG_20150822_165039485 IMG_20150822_165040915 IMG_20150822_165046388 IMG_20150822_165046388_TOP IMG_20150822_165049071

Baby says:

Can you believe it?  I’ll be 37 weeks on Sunday and have less than 25 days before my big debut!  It’s getting close and I’m ready!  On Wednesday, Mommy and I had our 36 week check-up and we’re happy to report that our doctor said, “everything looks super”!  Mommy’s weight is good and her blood pressure is really low, my heart rate is strong (between 140 and 150), I’m head down and have dropped.  Mommy has also progressed some, but no Braxton Hicks or contractions yet, so I think I’ll still stay in here a few more weeks.  That way, I’ll be a little bigger and fully “baked” before I make my debut!

At 36 weeks, my immune system is pretty mature, at least in baby terms — and just about ready for life on the outside. Blood circulation has been perfected and my immune system has matured enough to protect me from infections outside the womb. Other systems, however, still need a few finishing touches.

I’m also about six pounds and 19-20 inches long. My growth will experience a slowdown now so I’m able to maneuver through the birth canal and store up all the energy I’ll need for delivery.

Thank you all for your continued prayers for me and Mommy… we’ll see you all very soon!


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