Go Packers!

Brady says:

What’s the best part of September (other than I will getting a new brother or sister)? That’s right, football season!  Mommy, Daddy, Bruno and I watched the Packers defeat the Chicago Bears last Sunday (whoot! whoot!), while eating pizza, having some snacks, playing catch, and playing with cars.  I can’t wait for our next “Football Sunday,” and I’m guessing Baby will be joining us too!

IMG_20150913_121751898_HDR IMG_20150913_121854142 IMG_20150913_121854142_TOP IMG_20150913_145603406_HDR IMG_20150913_153456955 IMG_20150913_153458451

However, Bruno got in trouble with Daddy on “Football Sunday” … he wouldn’t stop barking (at absolutely nothing!) while he was outside so Mommy and Daddy put him on a timeout by the door.  I felt bad for “Boo-ah” so I decided to join him on his timeout and gave him some hugs!

IMG_20150913_174615152_TOP IMG_20150913_174613892 IMG_20150913_174458347 IMG_20150913_174453927

“Football Sunday” was pretty tiring too, and I couldn’t take my usual nap because I was so excited.  So, while eating some pizza in my highchair, I decided to take a little cat nap 🙂

Baby says:

Well, folks … I’ll be arriving any day now!  I’ve given Mommy a few signs that my arrival will be soon!  If for some reason I don’t come this weekend, Monday morning Mommy’s doctor is going to strip her membranes.  If that doesn’t trigger contractions within 48 hours then they’ll induce Mommy most likely on Thursday.  But, if I follow tradition, I’ll be arriving Sunday night during the Packers game … so… I’ll likely be arriving this weekend 🙂  I’m excited to meet all of you and thank you for your continued prayers!

See you soon!


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