I Have Arrived… And Right on Schedule!

The waiting is over, everyone!  Emma Mae Meissner arrived September 20th at 6:09 AM. She was 7 lbs., 11 oz. and 20.5″ long (much bigger than her big brother Brady who was 7 lbs., 0 oz. and 19″ long).  She also made a quick delivery as Mommy, Daddy, and Brady didn’t arrive to Triage until 2 AM.  She did all the work for Mommy too as the nurses asked Mommy to stop pushing (after only a few pushes) so she could wait for her doctor to arrive.  Well… that didn’t stop little miss Emma as she was out past her eyebrows when the doctor walked in!

We want to thank everyone for their thoughts and prayers as Mommy and Emma are doing great!  Emma is a great little sleeper and eater, and already has a closet full of pink (Mommy did some online shopping while they were at the hospital) 🙂  Big Brother Brady is also adjusting well and is sure to tell Mommy and Daddy when “baby crying.”

Check out some of the pictures and videos below:

On the way to Triage at the hospital.  Big Brother Brady thought that was an awesome adventure being out while it was dark shortly before 2 AM.


In Triage waiting for Mommy to be admitted

IMG_20150920_020520047 IMG_20150920_022655285

In the delivery and labor room.  Brady found some new “toys” (aka a birthing ball) while waiting for Grandpa and Grandma Meissner to come pick him up.

IMG_20150920_034539320 IMG_20150920_024608289 IMG_20150920_024606872 IMG_20150920_024200885 IMG_20150920_023649509

Almost time to start pushing.  Mommy is feeling great after getting her epidural.


Emma Mae has arrived after only a few minutes of pushing!

IMG_20150920_063341767_TOP IMG_20150920_070924518_HDR IMG_20150920_071037381 IMG_20150920_071116069 IMG_20150920_071120329 IMG_20150920_071211094 IMG_20150920_071234773 IMG_20150920_071327170 IMG_20150920_071328719 IMG_20150920_071534645_TOP IMG_20150920_090117102

Later that day at the hospital.  Mommy and Daddy have been moved into their suite and Brady is coming to meet his new little sister.

IMG_20150920_093201648 IMG_20150920_093307503 IMG_20150920_093708918 IMG_20150920_095301885 IMG_20150920_105042604 IMG_20150920_105154669 (1)IMG_20150920_105154669IMG_20150920_105158572IMG_20150920_105201459IMG_20150920_105201459_TOP

Hanging out at the hospital

IMG_20150920_113407964 IMG_20150920_114522836 IMG_20150920_151045685 IMG_20150920_162800565 IMG_20150920_174654765 IMG_20150920_174706403 IMG_20150920_185510953 IMG_20150920_185850877 IMG_20150921_140301108 IMG_20150921_153637960 IMG_20150921_153642697 IMG_20150920_093736891_HDR IMG_20150920_093738917_HDR

Time to take Emma home!

IMG_20150921_153637960 IMG_20150921_153642697 IMG_20150921_165317764 IMG_20150921_165618409_TOP IMG_20150921_165619330 IMG_20150921_174738857 IMG_20150921_172442554 IMG_20150921_172028678_TOP IMG_20150921_171717384 IMG_20150921_171625308

Home at last…

IMG_20150927_111930973 IMG_20150927_111924090 IMG_20150927_111921776 IMG_20150926_175600598 IMG_20150926_175540596 IMG_20150926_125803421 IMG_20150923_204115359 IMG_20150923_203934422 IMG_20150923_203905980 IMG_20150923_092222612 IMG_20150923_085014508 IMG_20150922_153134395 IMG_20150922_092528147 IMG_20150922_092439725 IMG_20150921_221738409_TOP IMG_20150921_201412169 IMG_20150921_194814281 IMG_20150921_194411042 IMG_20150921_185519756 IMG_20150921_181330954 IMG_20150921_181315768 IMG_20150921_181310350 IMG_20150921_181218236 IMG_20150921_181211117 IMG_20150921_181143530 IMG_20150921_181059562 IMG_20150921_180835750



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