Brady says:

Sorry for the delay in posts, everyone!  Mommy, Daddy, Emma, and I have been very busy celebrating Emma’s arrival and … MY BIRTHDAY!  Check out some of the latest pictures and videos from the last couple weeks – we’ve been having fun!

Presents from daycare … including a Mickey Mouse coloring book – yay!

IMG_20151005_174916734_TOP IMG_20151005_174234565 IMG_20151005_174218154

Birthday lunch – my very first Happy Meal from McDonald’s … chicken nuggets with ranch!

IMG_20151006_132324494 IMG_20151006_132326554 IMG_20151006_131749051_HDR IMG_20151006_131746530_HDR

More presents and a visit from Great Gram! Love you!

IMG_20151009_122732672 IMG_20151009_122901299 IMG_20151009_153809041_TOP IMG_20151009_123003061 IMG_20151009_123003061 (1) IMG_20151009_122926836 IMG_20151009_154011663 IMG_20151009_154015106_TOP

Dinner and games at Rocky’s Party Pizzeria with Mommy, Daddy, and Emma to celebrate my birthday!

IMG_20151009_172116540 IMG_20151009_172054140 IMG_20151009_171647498 IMG_20151009_171235933 IMG_20151009_175931618 IMG_20151009_172117833 IMG_20151009_171230288_TOP IMG_20151009_171059552

A new football!

IMG_20151011_164400703 IMG_20151011_164357748

My birthday celebration with Mommy, Daddy, and Emma!

IMG_20151018_150206149 IMG_20151018_150422130 IMG_20151018_151214376

IMG_20151018_180414771 IMG_20151018_180425372

Emma says:

Thank you for all the gifts and for visiting me, everyone!  I can’t believe that I’m already 4 weeks old!  Thank you for all your continued prayers and I can’t wait until I’m able to meet you all!

Visit from Great Gram

IMG_20151009_153906011 IMG_20151009_153902572 IMG_20151009_152820959

Getting ready to cheer on the Badgers

IMG_20151010_102627393 IMG_20151010_102635984 IMG_20151010_124122452

*BONUS* pictures and a video of Brady and I

IMG_20151010_104554744_HDR IMG_20151011_083827631 IMG_20151010_104558323 IMG_20150927_164756311


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