A Trip to Urgent Care, A Trip to the Zoo, and More Celebrations

Brady says:

It all started last Thursday when Mommy got a call from daycare.  That morning I fell and hit the edge of a chair because I didn’t listen when Miss Kelly (daycare provider) told me to sit on my behind!  The fall resulted in a cut above my right eye and a trip to Urgent Care!  When Miss Kelly talked to Mommy, she recommended that a doctor take a look at my cut as she thought it may need some sutures or glue to help with the bleeding.  After waiting at Urgent Care (for at least 20-30 minutes to see a doctor – ugh!), the verdict was that the cut was shallow enough to heal on its own and that a little Vaseline and band-aid would go a long ways!  Mommy was prepared though, as she had milk, snacks, and movies to entertain me while we waited… of course, Emma got hungry during that time and also filled her pants!  Thanks, Mommy – we love you!

IMG_20151022_132646163_TOP IMG_20151022_132707758_HDR IMG_20151022_134013979 IMG_20151022_132921955_TOP IMG_20151022_132826336_TOP IMG_20151022_132817334_HDR IMG_20151022_132719565 IMG_20151022_134029460_TOP IMG_20151022_134336422

Last weekend Grandma & Grandpa Heppner, Uncle Chad, Aunt Ang, and my cousins also came to visit!  Even though their stay was short (Uncle Chad, Aunt Ang, and my cousins could only stay for less than 24 hours!), we still managed to visit the zoo (which was having a special Halloween party) and have a little birthday celebration for Mommy and I, as well as some gifts for Emma.  Thank you for all the wonderful presents, that was so thoughtful!

IMG_20151025_182532264 IMG_20151025_182527095 IMG_20151025_182525083 IMG_20151025_115335106 IMG_20151025_115023366 IMG_20151025_114341043 IMG_20151025_113744145 IMG_20151025_113035615_HDR IMG_20151025_101144084_HDR IMG_20151025_101137000_TOP IMG_20151025_092710734 IMG_20151025_091624874 IMG_20151025_091557262 IMG_20151025_091547240

Emma says:

It’s hard to believe that I’m five weeks old already!  At my last check-up, I was in the 90th percentile for head circumference and length, and in the 70th percentile for weight!  When I go back to see my doctor, right before Thanksgiving for my 2 month appointment, I bet I’ll be topping the charts because Mommy says I’m growing like a weed!

I’m also seeing a UW Pediatrics Dermatologist for the hemangioma that has developed on my forehead.  Please continue to pray that my “angel kiss” responds to treatment and recedes quickly.  In the meantime, I guess I’ll just wear headwraps and hats!  P.S. Thank you Aunt Dawn and Roe for my new owl hat… I love how soft it is and am ready for winter (not that I want winter to be here)!IMG_20151027_115831468

IMG_20151024_111157278 IMG_20151023_084119164 IMG_20151026_180040660





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