Happy Birthday Mommy & Happy Halloween

Brady says:

Last weekend was a blast!  Not only was it Mommy’s birthday, but it was also Halloween!  We got to celebrate with games, candy, football, and much more!

Mommy wanted to celebrate her birthday at Dave & Buster’s in Milwaukee where we could play games and watch the Badgers game.  This was Mommy’s, Emma’s, and my first time at Dave & Buster’s, and I can’t wait to go back!  I got to drive a race car and motorcycle, shoot hoops with Daddy, play skeeball with Mommy, and a lot more really fun games!  And the best part?  We got to do this while watching the Badgers defeat the Rutgers last Saturday!

IMG_20151031_132116322 IMG_20151031_132034508


IMG_20151031_130802613 IMG_20151031_130745966

IMG_20151031_125717869 IMG_20151031_125716097

IMG_20151031_115239848 IMG_20151031_112013577

Saturday night was also time for trick-or-treating, and guess who I dressed up as? SUPERMAN!!  It was awesome!  We visited about 4-5 houses and I did great!  I was sure to say “trick-or-treat” and always said “thank you” after I got my candy. I had so much fun!

Bruno also dressed up with me.  His costume?  A knight strapped to his back … I guess you could say he was the knight’s transportation! At first he didn’t want to walk down the hallway with his costume on, but that abruptly ended when he found out that we were going to take him with and he “lost his mind!” He was super excited and super annoying!!

IMG_20151031_182647048 IMG_20151031_182643984_TOP IMG_20151031_182302145 IMG_20151031_174007903_TOP IMG_20151031_174007903 IMG_20151031_174002757 IMG_20151031_173641606_TOP IMG_20151031_173641606 IMG_20151031_173334140 IMG_20151031_173325936 IMG_20151031_173325936 (1) IMG_20151031_173322118 IMG_20151031_172834536 IMG_20151031_172535451 IMG_20151031_172534145 IMG_20151031_171927825 IMG_20151031_171331576 IMG_20151031_171226614 IMG_20151031_171139915 IMG_20151031_171042239 IMG_20151031_170252185 IMG_20151031_170122310 IMG_20151031_170116821 IMG_20151031_170057801 IMG_20151031_170043858

Emma says:

Even though I’m only six weeks old, I still got to have fun with Mommy, Daddy, and my big brother Brady last weekend.  I didn’t get to “participate” in all the festivities, but I got to eat, sleep, and fill my diaper … all the most important events in my typical day! Oh, and I also got to meet some of our neighbors while trick-or-treating.  I slept through it, but I heard they thought I was adorable!

IMG_20151031_125728953 IMG_20151031_121906555 IMG_20151031_115459646 IMG_20151031_115229906 IMG_20151031_113544735

A couple bonus pictures…IMG_20151101_184508905_TOP IMG_20151101_164947026


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