Nothing but Smiles!

Brady says:

I’m happy to report that everyone is good here in Sun Prairie!  Daddy and I had a busy weekend as we put together our new double stroller (for Emma and me!), my new City Skyway Playset from Andrea (aka Dre), and watched a couple of movies while Mommy did some “much needed” shopping (much needed shopping according to Mommy that is)!  We also had the Schneebs and Dre over to watch the Packers game on Sunday. Even though the Packers lost, I had fun because I got to skip nap (I was too busy playing with my new toy!) and got to eat pizza!

IMG_20151106_160732534 IMG_20151106_160742809 IMG_20151106_160747517 IMG_20151107_085738533 IMG_20151107_085851608 IMG_20151107_085857147 IMG_20151107_090033219 IMG_20151108_122613383 IMG_20151108_122627181 IMG_20151108_122640802

Emma says:

Just as my big brother Brady mentioned, we are all doing well!  I can’t believe I’m 7 weeks old and weigh around 11 lbs. already!  I also started smiling a lot last week, which Mommy recorded so I could share my smiles with all of you!

Mommy and I also had my follow-up visit with my UW Pediatrics Dermatologist today. She decided to refer me to a Pediatrics Plastic Surgeon at the Children’s Hospital so we can get more aggressive in treating my hemangioma.  I’m going to start an oral treatment soon, and Mommy is going to talk to the Pediatrics Plastic Surgeon about preforming a laser treatment as well.  I want to say thank you again for all your continued prayers for me.  I’m a happy, healthy little girl and can’t wait to see everyone over the holidays!

IMG_20151108_123316926 IMG_20151108_123307037



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