Taking Care of Business

Brady says:

We’ve been busy again!  Last Wednesday Mama, Baby Emma and I spent 4.5 hours at the Children’s Hospital for multiple appointments that Emma had for her hemangioma. It was a LONG afternoon, but Emma and I were on our best behavior and the doctors and nurses even commented on how good we both were!  Emma took a couple “cat naps” when she wasn’t being woken up by the doctors, and every room we visited either had a TV and movie for me to watch, or a board on the wall so I could color.  I had chalk and marker all over me by the end of the day, but Mommy said that was okay, it’s washable 🙂

At the Children’s Hospital waiting for the doctors during Emma’s appointments

IMG_20151111_132538663_TOP IMG_20151111_132509048_TOP IMG_20151111_132504623_HDR

Waiting for Emma’s prescription at the pharmacy in the Children’s Hospital.  We got to use our new double stroller while we were there — I get to sit in the front and be the “Captain”

IMG_20151111_145339102 IMG_20151111_145336124 IMG_20151111_145334192_TOP IMG_20151111_145332432

Over the weekend we also went to the Dells!  Mommy did a little shopping with Emma (Daddy chased after me), and then we had lunch delivered to us by a train at Buffalo Phils, and I got to play at Knuckleheads afterwards.  I had so much fun!

IMG_20151114_111458305_TOPIMG_20151114_104907087_HDRIMG_20151114_104855180IMG_20151114_130459484_TOP IMG_20151114_125731106 IMG_20151114_125718746 IMG_20151114_125716824 IMG_20151114_125651517 IMG_20151114_125606707_TOP IMG_20151114_125544636

IMG_20151114_125155175 IMG_20151114_125125777 IMG_20151114_125034501

IMG_20151114_124247581 IMG_20151114_124122142 IMG_20151114_114230100_TOP IMG_20151114_114125965

Yep… I was tired!


And on the way to church on Sunday … I was not happy that the sun was in my eyes!


Emma says:

Just like my big brother Brady mentioned, we’ve been busy!  My Great Aunt Meg also stopped by last week to meet me on her way to the Cities for the weekend.  It’s hard to believe that I’m already 8 weeks old and (as of last week) weigh 11 lbs and 3 oz.  After my visits with my doctors last week, I’ve now started an oral treatment for my hermangioma would should be effective in treating it.  I have a follow-up visit scheduled next week to see how I’m handling the medication and to discuss next steps on the dosage.  Other than that, I’ve been doing what I do best — eating, sleeping, and being adorable!  Don’t forget to check out our picture proofs to see all the edited pictures from my newborn and Brady’s 2 year photo session that we had the beginning of October.

IMG_20151114_130511358 IMG_20151112_122039606 IMG_20151112_122028255IMG_20151111_145304764editedIMG_20151118_123949573edited




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