Happy Gobble-Gobble Day!

Happy belated Thanksgiving, everyone!  I hope you all ate a lot of turkey, watched the Packers (lose!), and took a much needed nap in the afternoon!  We had a great time this past week celebrating our “gobble-gobble” day with everyone.  We also kept Mommy quite busy while Daddy was at Grandpa & Grandma Meissner’s hunting for the week (and no – Daddy didn’t get a deer again this year, but missed a few times!)… another big donut for Daddy.  One of these years he’ll get one :).  Love you, Daddy!

We also got our first snow for the year (4 inches!), but it’s all melted now.  And now that Thanksgiving is over, it’s time to think about Christmas!

Check out some of the pictures of us from the past week…

First snow of the season!

IMG_20151121_092952338_HDR IMG_20151121_093010461_HDR

Hangin’ out with our cousins

IMG_20151128_142252284 IMG_20151128_142251254IMG_20151128_142251254_TOP IMG_20151128_171703231IMG_20151126_184532339 IMG_20151126_184523626 IMG_20151126_173209706 IMG_20151126_173206578 IMG_20151126_150941686 IMG_20151126_150833062_TOP IMG_20151126_150736148_TOP

Playing “diggers” with Grandpa Heppner

IMG_20151127_184354867 IMG_20151127_184346302

“Helping” decorate our Christmas tree


One happy little girl!


Daddy and Bruno showing Emma how they spend their time … laying on the couch!

IMG_20151129_184557268_HDR IMG_20151130_192342721




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