The Good Dinosaur … Rrrraaaar!

Brady says:

Can I have your attention, please?  I’d like to tell you a story.  A story about a cute little boy who got to have a “date day” with his Mommy.  This little boy’s name was Brady, and his Mommy took him to see The Good Dinosaur!  I’ll sum the rest up in one word – AWESOME!

You guessed right! The story was about me!  Mommy took me to go see The Good Dinosaur last weekend at the theatre!  It was my first time to the movies, and Mommy’s first time to our new theatre.  And the best part?  It was a movie about dinosaurs and our new theatre has recliners for seats!  I did pretty well during the whole movie too. I stayed in my own “recliner,” but was laying across it, hitting buttons that were putting up the leg rest and reclining it back, and had my feet up on the arm rests at one point too.  But, I made sure I didn’t lose any popcorn.  Mommy tried to “steal” a couple pieces from me, but I caught her and said, “Mama no, no eat.”

Getting ready to leave the house to go see the dinosaur movie.  Say che-e-e-e-se!

IMG_20151206_084100421_TOP (1) IMG_20151206_084104039 (1)

I needed to eat some popcorn on the way to our seats… it was a long walk!

IMG_20151206_090113674Watching the previews and waiting for the movie to start.  Mommy, would you please stop taking pictures!

IMG_20151206_090822921_TOPIMG_20151206_090751356 IMG_20151206_090615491 IMG_20151206_090324996Heading out after the movie was done.  Bye-bye dinosaur movie.IMG_20151206_105044597IMG_20151206_105049716
Emma says:

I didn’t get to go to the movie, but I got “Daddy and me” time while Mommy was with my big brother Brady.  I slept, ate a little, and watched Daddy work out his big guns (and big jugs) :).

I also had my 2 month check-up recently, where I got three shots!  It was terrible, but I only cried a little and snuggled into Mommy after the nurse was done.  And even though I’m only 11 weeks old, I’m growing like a weed!  At my check-up, I weighed almost 13 lbs. and was in the 67th percentile for weight.  I’m now 24.3″ long (96th percentile), and take after my big brother Brady and Daddy with a head circumference in the 93rd percentile!  I’m happy to report that I’m a healthy little girl though, and am doing well on my medication to help heal my hemangioma.  Mommy and I go back to the Children’s Hospital on December 23rd for my monthly check-up, where my doctors will check my vitals and adjust my dosage if needed.  Once again, I want to thank everyone for your continued thoughts and prayers.  We love you!

Watching Daddy work out

IMG_20151206_085635061 (1)

Brady needed a boppy pillow just like mine!


Sending Brady off to daycare


Brady at home with Mommy, Bruno and I





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