Just Hangin’ Out

The countdown is on (unfortunately)… Mommy’s maternity leave is coming to an end, and Christmas will be over before we know it.  Boo!  This past week we’ve just been hanging out and getting ready for Christmas – finishing up our shopping, getting Starbucks, and wrapping presents!  Daddy took to the woods again last weekend (his last hope for getting a deer), but another big donut for him.  Maybe next year will be his year?  While he was gone, we spent our weekend with Mommy and “helped” her shop, wrap presents, and clean the house!  Check out some of the pictures from the past week:

Happy kiddos!

IMG_20151212_142825820_TOP IMG_20151212_142814906_TOP IMG_20151212_142811128 IMG_20151212_164713818IMG_20151212_164719410

Wanting to roll over … it won’t be long!

IMG_20151213_090400128 IMG_20151213_090408667 IMG_20151213_090417276 IMG_20151213_090426377

I really want that airplane!

IMG_20151214_181613599_TOP IMG_20151214_181555199


IMG_20151214_102644543_TOP IMG_20151214_102650799 IMG_20151214_102656867 IMG_20151217_111759640 IMG_20151217_111804436

At the doctor’s office, but just wanting to sleep 😦


Kisses?  Yes, please!

IMG_20151218_121825795 IMG_20151212_151715696 IMG_20151212_151709240

Shopping with Mommy

IMG_20151214_145200963 IMG_20151214_145209264 IMG_20151214_145214005

Getting some sleep – stretched out!

IMG_20151215_170738505 IMG_20151215_170730388



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