2016 Picture Proofs

Hover over each picture with your mouse and write down the mg_# of the pictures that you want! The number will appear in the left bottom corner of the screen (e.g. mg_6155-e1.jpg).  Also, you can get any of these pictures in B&W – just let me know which picture(s) you’d like in B&W when you send me your order.

img_6155-e img_6163-e img_6169-e img_6176-e img_6216 img_6226 img_6228 img_6252 img_6262 img_6267 img_6269 img_6292 img_6304 img_6310 img_6343 img_6345 img_6362-e2 img_6373 img_6403-e2 img_6435 img_6441 img_6442 img_6470 img_6472-e img_6505 img_6508 img_6520 img_6522 img_6534 img_6535 img_6542 img_6552 img_6567 img_6578 img_6583 img_6592-e img_6611-e img_6656 img_6675