Lord, thank you for watching over my little sister and surrounding her with your love. While we miss her everyday, we know she is happy, perfect and watching over us.  We thank you for the time that we had with her.  We thank you that you have bore our sins so that we may spend eternity with you and see Emma again.  I thank you for Mommy, Daddy, and the rest of our family.  I thank you that we are able to celebrate your resurrection and the love you have for us.  Please help us to continue to stay strong, and bring us comfort and peace.  Amen.

Playing “race cars” with Grandpa & Daddy at Dave & Buster’s in Milwaukee

IMG_20160312_141533065 IMG_20160312_141624414

Visiting Quarry Hill Nature Center in Rochester, MN when visiting Auntie Ang & Uncle Chad’s home over Easter

IMG_20160326_104809789_TOP IMG_20160326_105228646 IMG_20160326_105238923 IMG_20160326_105836007 IMG_20160326_121446185

The Dinosaur Exhibit at Quarry Hill – RARRR!!  We could play with toy dinosaurs, look at dinosaur bones and fossils, and even dig for dinosaur bones!

IMG_20160326_113558548 IMG_20160326_113544332 IMG_20160326_112323105_TOP IMG_20160326_112055522_HDR IMG_20160326_111908834 IMG_20160326_111851395_TOP IMG_20160326_111546951 IMG_20160326_111455175 IMG_20160326_111447865

Playing Piano with my cousins


Playing with my cousins, and Grandpa too!  I love to run around with Elijah and “pew-pew” with our pew pewers

IMG_20160326_162250036 IMG_20160326_162116562

Watching a movie with my cousins the last night we were in Rochester…

IMG_20160326_200542551_TOP IMG_0718

My cousins and I found our baskets and eggs before going to church Easter morning. Uncle Chad organized the kids music program at their church, where he played guitar and Devorah, Fei, and Elijah sang with the other kids.


Easter at home with Mommy and Daddy (and Bruno) on Easter night.  The Easter Bunny came while I was taking a bath!  Mommy and I heard him “hopping” around the house! Daddy helped me find eggs that were filled with M&M’s and cash to put in my piggy bank, as well as a couple presents and my Easter basket … it was a lot of fun!

IMG_20160327_164529714 IMG_20160327_164526768 IMG_20160327_164333784 IMG_20160327_164326853 IMG_20160327_164321252


Mommy “caught” me singing ‘Twinkle Twinkle Little Star’ while we were on our way to Johnson Creek shopping on Friday.  I often start singing for Mommy when we’re driving…

Playing Guitar Hero with Daddy






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