Last weekend we celebrated Trevor (Daddy’s cousin) and Mary’s wedding, and my cousin Roe’s birthday!  We missed baby Emma, but know she was celebrating in Heaven.  Lord, thank you for holding her in your arms and surrounding her with your love, and thank you for giving us the strength to continue moving forward as a family.

Dancing with Mama…

IMG_20160409_190555163 IMG_20160409_190914832


IMG_20160409_190949102 IMG_20160409_191000403 IMG_20160409_191014386

Hanging out with my cousin Madden!

IMG_20160409_191801380 IMG_20160409_191756846

Dancing with Grandpa and Madden!

IMG_20160409_191956028 IMG_20160409_191948557_TOP

Hanging out with Mason!

IMG_20160409_194950030 IMG_20160409_194954039_TOP

Hanging out with Mia!


My Meissner cousins … say “cheese”!


Playing with my cousins and Uncle Dana…

IMG_20160410_105314984 IMG_20160410_104534317

Hanging out with Daddy … on the couch! 🙂

IMG_20160417_180738892 IMG_20160417_180737270 IMG_20160417_180734910 IMG_20160417_180724936 IMG_20160416_194111034 IMG_20160416_194053073_TOP

Who needs clothes?!  I have my phone, that’s all I need!


Well… and maybe my turtle too for transportation!

IMG_20160411_121421970_TOP IMG_20160411_121414436

Thanks for sharing your airplanes with me, Roe!  I LOVE them!

IMG_20160413_182241876_TOP IMG_20160413_182209833





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