Chillin’ in Chili!

Last weekend we went to Grandpa and Grandma’s house so Mommy, Grandma, Aunt Dawn, and Mia could go to a Jenn’s bridal shower (future cousin in-law).  I stayed back with Daddy, Grandpa, Uncle Dustin, Uncle Dana, Tenley, and Madden… and don’t worry, we didn’t get into any trouble before Mommy got back!?! 😉

Getting ready to race!

IMG_20160423_152820350 IMG_20160423_152821880_HDR IMG_20160423_153032492 IMG_20160423_153050233 IMG_20160423_153052016 IMG_20160423_153322694 IMG_20160423_153404587

Four-wheeler ride with Uncle Dustin.  It’s a good thing Mommy didn’t see this!


Playing in the tree house!

IMG_20160423_163713714 IMG_20160423_163606127 IMG_20160423_163229496 IMG_20160423_163217492 IMG_20160423_163133578 IMG_20160423_163119419 IMG_20160423_162938977 IMG_20160423_162928998

Check it out, everyone… I learned how to pedal!

IMG_20160423_154507285_HDR IMG_20160423_154505642_HDR

Hangin’ with my homies (aka my cousins… and Uncle Dustin!)

IMG_20160423_155156211 IMG_20160423_155150530 IMG_20160423_180021960 IMG_20160423_194148118

Thanks for the cake pops, Aunt Dawn (aka Aunt “you go that way”)!  They’re delicious!

IMG_20160424_123416984 IMG_20160424_123358244

“Helping” Mommy work once we got home Sunday night 🙂

IMG_20160424_183054301 IMG_20160424_183032725



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