G-Sale at My House

It’s garage sale season!  Daddy’s favorite season of the year – as he’s always looking for a great deal!  Two weekends ago it was the Sun Prairie city wide garage sales, and Mommy and Daddy decided to have a garage sale again this year!  They sold some of my stuff, but I figured that was OK because now it means I get new stuff, right?  I LOVE presents!

It was pretty cold for the garage sales so I spent a lot of time with Mommy and Grandma … getting Starbucks, playing inside, and checking out other garage sales. Daddy and Grandpa manned our garage sale most of time… and we discovered that Grandpa is quite the salesman!

Setting up for the garage sale… no, I’m not for sale!

IMG_20160429_181544009_TOP IMG_20160429_181548082

Staying warm (with popcorn), and watching Star Wars with Grandpa and Grandma

IMG_20160430_183238977 IMG_20160430_183236218 IMG_20160430_183131540 IMG_20160430_183121261


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