Happy Birthday, Bruno!

Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you, happy birthday dear B-r-u-n-o; happy birthday to you!

May 10th was Bruno’s 4th birthday (a.k.a. 28th birthday in dog years!) … Bruno, you’re getting old!  Mommy, Daddy, Bruno, and I celebrated.  We celebrated with presents, candles, cheese and peanut butter flavored doggy ice cream for Bruno, and a “cupcake” with sprinkles for me!  Mommy fooled me… it was really a banana muffin with streusel icing and sprinkles – a little healthier than a cupcake with frosting 🙂

Bruno was ecstatic!  In fact, he already has a hole chewed in the beak of his blue duck, and he patiently waits for the possibility of getting another cup of his ice cream when someone opens the freezer.  It’s all about moderation, Bruno!

Check out some of the pictures and videos and us from his big day!

IMG_20160510_192005390 IMG_20160510_192007640 IMG_20160510_192011973 IMG_20160510_192019133 IMG_20160510_192028842 IMG_20160510_192028842_TOP IMG_20160510_192029100 IMG_20160510_192052021 IMG_20160510_192054436 IMG_20160510_192105615 IMG_20160510_192105615_TOP IMG_20160510_192111785 IMG_20160510_192124161 IMG_20160510_192127714 IMG_20160510_192132824 IMG_20160510_192136356_TOP


I also want to let everyone know that I started using the potty!  I say, “yay for Brady!” every time I go…  I get a sticker(s) every time I use my potty, and when my chart is full I get a present!  I LOVE presents.

I’m doing pretty well right now.  Next steps are to TELL Mommy, Daddy, or “Miss Kelly” (daycare) when I have to go.  I’ll catch on in no time, and then Mommy and I can go shopping for some really cool underwear.  Maybe Superman undies 🙂


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