Helping Out :)

Daddy always says that I need to get a job, but I’d like to think that I’m a GREAT helper and do my fair share of the work around the house!  I like to “help” Mommy vacuum and dust, and I “helped” Daddy spray off the lawn mowing equipment after he was done mowing last week, and even watered the bushes… whether they needed it or not!  I ended up being soaked and full of grass afterwards, but I didn’t mind (it was so much fun!) … although, I think Mommy felt differently!  Sorry for making a mess, Mama!

IMG_20160518_182755713 IMG_20160518_182801701 IMG_20160518_183337884 IMG_20160518_183400366 IMG_20160518_183427455 IMG_20160518_183439161 IMG_20160518_183603929


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