My First Dentist Appointment

The good news is: I don’t have any cavities!  The bad news: Mommy took me to the dentist 😦  I had my 1st dentist appointment on Friday, May 10th.  I did pretty well, but there were a few tears.  There were new people, people with masks on, people with gloves on, and dentist tools going in and out of my mouth … it’s a good thing I got “presents” after we were done!  Toothpaste, floss, and a new bath ducky were cool presents to me!  Check out some of the pictures from our dentist visit…

In the waiting room before my appointment.  I thought, “this isn’t so bad, they have books and puzzles!”

IMG_20160603_083433474_TOP IMG_20160603_083441970 IMG_20160603_083458661

In the chair… who is that lady trying to take a picture of me and my Mama?

IMG_20160603_083604118_TOP IMG_20160603_083616568

Mama told me that I need to open up and say “ahhh” when we’re at the dentist


And enough of that!  I’m done!

IMG_20160603_083656898 IMG_20160603_083630885 IMG_20160603_083706774

We’re done, thank goodness!  I got some “cool” presents at least…

IMG_20160603_085018841_TOP IMG_20160603_085017565_TOP IMG_20160603_084915338_TOP IMG_20160603_084900571_TOP


Mommy, Daddy, and I also went to Kody’s Graduation Party (Miss Kelly’s oldest son) two weekends ago.  All my daycare friends were there too.  Daddy says Sydney is my girlfriend.  I say, “Nooo!”

IMG_20160604_172053365_TOP IMG_20160604_175337685

I’ve also discovered that I like to watch movies or play games on my phone when “hiding” … it makes it more like I’m at the movies.  It doesn’t matter if I’m on the couch, or on the potty, I find a way to make it happen!
IMG_20160605_175935489IMG_20160603_190846963IMG_20160605_183708040IMG_20160605_184526962Bruno and I are still “buds,” in case you’re wondering 😉

IMG_20160610_064821822_TOPAnd Mommy still likes pizza… I like to put on her oven mitts and “help” cut the pizza… Oh, and I like to walk around the house with the oven mitts on!

IMG_20160610_163634824 IMG_20160610_163622326



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