I Started Swimming Lessons!

Last week I started swimming lessons at the PAC (Prairie Athletic Club) in Sun Prairie.  I loved everything about it!  My favorite part was throwing my rubber duck as far as I could across the pool, and then “paddling” for it while Mommy held me flat on my tummy.  I also liked blowing bubbles… although it took me several mouthfuls of chlorine water before I realized that I wasn’t supposed to take in any water when “blowing” bubbles – whoops!  I did think it was pretty cool when I blew the water out after I gulped in a mouthful (if I didn’t swallow it first!) and it came out like an arch!  So, I had to repeat that a few dozen times before I could focus on blowing bubbles again – sorry, Mama!  I’ll try and focus really hard this week 🙂
IMG_20160613_173537588_TOP IMG_20160613_173810259 IMG_20160613_174018049 IMG_20160613_175218171

We also went to the Brewers game (Star War themed) last weekend with Mommy and Daddy’s friends who have three boys (4, 2, and 1 years old) that I I got to play with all weekend!  I didn’t want anything to do with the Star Wars characters, but I made it through a couple innings 😉

IMG_20160611_151954830 IMG_20160611_151113952 IMG_20160611_150729417



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