Happy 4th of July!

Happy {belated} Independence Day to everyone!  Mommy, Daddy, Bruno and I spent our 4th in Chili, WI at Grandpa and Grandma Meissner’s house!  It was a lot of fun… I got to play with my cousins, see fireworks, throw water balloons, ride on the 4-wheeler, play baseball, and go to the park to feed ducks and geese!  Mommy said the long weekend was very relaxing, and Daddy proved to be “a man,” “a hunter,” and “a provider” … he shot 4 chipmunks!!

Check out some of the videos and pictures from our 4th of July celebrations!

Feeding the ducks at the park… thank you Mia for always having bread ready for me! 🙂

6864b8cf-8783-497e-8845-ef2d16f504ee IMG_20160702_111948586_HDR 1609e9fb-f25e-4086-a10e-3fd8290f1642 743d87da-8634-4f9c-8c36-318d07e8a85c 85c081aa-4d6e-465e-8dc6-20d26d73ed21 75decabf-c8fc-4dc2-bff7-59b6eef05233 59cdde89-cd8d-42be-aa05-b9856d7e5ce0

A big goose got really close to Mia and I… apparently it liked the stale bread that we brought! 🙂

12e54583-c1a2-4450-b1c7-578002b77b24 5fa710d0-e35a-4f7e-8001-1e2b93b4a844 3d5687f0-253a-4dfe-9af7-ccf43065c5f0 0cc2517c-361c-44c1-a0c4-289be51ae199

Mia’s throwing skills… a piece of bread landed on the Swan’s back!



2bcfde1c-45d3-4e42-bafe-4b46dabbd9a6 01555e8d-ebc9-47cb-beaa-8ce08835560d 783ff510-8675-427b-9af2-1d0403bfe5e1

Water fight time… “I get you!”

81c3666b-fca3-45b4-a3b6-2d33b8104469 56acb7de-4fa3-4255-9369-318d423e9e5c 40d85efe-8db4-4039-9684-8c98eeedbe10 27a11488-3f89-420d-8916-b710e90e45462f77e2ab-00c9-470f-ac18-67391e63bc744a213d4f-118f-4bb4-9d20-8ea33cae9079

Hangin’ with my cousins!

48bee842-2735-4110-a4ef-839a6334acef 5d53e75e-2fa7-42fc-be43-fe7c3888db55 97e7878a-a505-4e3e-9eaf-1508c39ab435

Let’s play ball!

IMG_20160704_094023505 IMG_20160704_094020474_TOP

And… a 4-wheeler ride with Grandpa

IMG_20160704_093141044 IMG_20160704_093117321


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