Catching Y’all Up!

So first I need to apologize.  I have been so busy that I haven’t had an opportunity to update y’all on what I’ve been doing the past few weeks!  Well, let me tell you — Mommy, Daddy, and I have been busy doing a whirlwind of activities.  Brewers games, hanging out with our family, shopping, going to parties, and doing all sorts of other fun things!

Check out our pictures and videos from the past few weeks:

Brewers game with Mommy and Daddy.  We had to go to this game so we could get the Bob Uecker alarm clock… for Daddy!

IMG_20160710_114132633 IMG_20160710_120218077_TOP0d61f74e-cbbe-4b1f-a25c-9df95e83a75b1ec33f46-a1f2-4a40-bb79-c1fd0dcab7ee

“Junior’s” Pool Party at his new digs.  They even had a bouncy house for the kids… it was awesome!


Watching a movie in Mommy and Daddy’s bed…


Hangin’ with my cousins…

IMG_20160723_124155350 IMG_20160723_115846216 IMG_20160723_113220904 IMG_20160722_111459494 IMG_20160722_105828945_TOP IMG_20160722_105827192 IMG_20160722_105426203

“Baseballing” with Daddy at the park…

IMG_20160718_113654813_TOP IMG_20160718_113555705_TOP


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