Are you ready for some football?!? Because I am. Daddy too.

What a weekend we had… our last weekend in July.  Where has the summer gone?  I can’t believe it’s August already.

Last weekend, Mommy, Daddy, Grandpa, Grandma, Uncle Dustin, Aunt Kimmie, Madden, Mason, Mia, and I meant up in Green Bay for Packers Training Camp.  The weather was perfect.  The hotel had a waterpark.  Mommy got to eat steak at Prime Quarter.  Daddy got Eddie Lacy’s autograph.  Life is good.  Plus, I got to see Madden. Who I haven’t stopped talking about since we’ve been home.  I ask Mommy, “Where Madden go?” and Mommy says, “He’s at his house, just like you are at Brady’s house.” Sure, I guess I can accept that answer.

Before the weekend, we also had Mommy’s work outing at Token Creek Park.  They played games all afternoon, and then we met up that evening for a dinner that was caterer in to the park.  I had to check out the games… especially the football toss that Daddy and I “helped” Grandpa make.  Actually, Grandpa did it all.  Thanks, Grandpa! Mommy said it was a hit!

Check out some of the recent pictures and videos of my fun adventures!

Playing at the park and at Mommy’s work outing…

IMG_20160727_174109802 IMG_20160728_174912235 IMG_20160728_175008446 IMG_20160728_175115186 IMG_20160728_175132509 IMG_20160728_175825740

I threw the football through your 15 point square, Grandpa!  Look out Aaron Rodgers, I have skills!

IMG_20160728_175444410 IMG_20160728_175437799 IMG_20160728_175428903

In our hotel room… random pictures as we’re hanging out, and eating….


Our room had a jacuzzi tub.  I had so many bubbles… it was awesome!

IMG_20160729_193046048 IMG_20160729_192015875 IMG_20160729_191940577 IMG_20160730_180405680

At the little waterpark in our hotel.  Thank you Mia, Mason, and Daddy for going down the water slide with me!

IMG_20160730_191921915 IMG_20160730_185326151 IMG_20160730_161019712 IMG_20160730_160930693 IMG_20160730_160202437_TOP IMG_20160730_160059933 IMG_20160730_160056568_TOP IMG_20160730_155906648_TOP IMG_20160730_155501819

Packers Training Camp – whoot, whoot!

IMG_20160730_112617204 IMG_20160730_100447093 IMG_20160730_095729796_HDR IMG_20160730_111643397 IMG_20160730_110730122 IMG_20160730_110441351 IMG_20160730_100744141 IMG_20160730_100006742 IMG_20160730_095833356_HDR IMG_20160730_095504660 IMG_20160730_084117561 IMG_20160730_083844218_TOP IMG_20160730_071853583

Before saying our goodbyes… a final stop at the Fox Valley Mall (for the girls).  Thank you for playing with me, Mason & Madden!

IMG_20160731_112435939_TOP IMG_20160731_1042446717573


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