Another Week to Catch Y’all Up

Busy. Busy. Busy.

Sorry for the delay in getting an update posted, folks. Mommy, Daddy, and I have been busy the past the past few weeks going to baseball games, watching the Packers, shopping, going to garage sales, and just playing!  I’ve been doing so good on the potty that I usually get a new car everyday! Daddy has found some awesome new Disney Cars cars, including Mater the Greater and Rescue Squad Mater cars!

Check out some of the latest pictures and videos from the past couple weeks:

Playing at the mall before the stores were open. “Shopping” is great!

IMG_20160821_110321754_TOP IMG_20160821_110153155 IMG_20160821_105057310_TOP IMG_20160821_105049513 (1)


Playing games with Mommy at Buffalo Wild Wings


Watching a movie with Mommy… just taking it easy.


Nothing beats a good nap! Mommy had to wake me up from this one 🙂


Go Pack Go! Watching the Packers game with Daddy. Eating pizza and wings… I LOVE football season!


Sharing some ice cream with Mommy. I ate out all the chocolate chunks!





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