Busy. Ocupado. 忙.

It looks like another couple weeks flew by and y’all were without my weekly posts.  I’m so sorry!  We have been really busy, and I haven’t had time to sit down and write! Today I’m making the time though.  We’ve had a good past few weekends.  And this weekend? What more can I say than I love those “W’s”!  Badgers had a “W” against Akron on Saturday, and the Packers had a “W” against the Jaguars today.  Football season is here, and I am ready!

Mommy, Daddy, and I have been busy the past couple weeks.  Going to Dave & Buster’s, Brewers Game, Children’s Museum, Henry Vilas Zoo, Badgers Game, Arts & Crafts, and the list goes on!  Wow – I’ve had some fun 🙂

Check out our pictures and videos from the past couple weeks!

Playing games at Dave & Busters…
img_20160826_113535919 img_20160826_114220349 img_20160826_124849191

Playing at the Children’s Museum…

img_20160827_094216958 img_20160827_094548662 img_20160827_094639324 img_20160827_095445412 img_20160827_095541233 img_20160827_095839048 img_20160827_100622465 img_20160827_100657718 img_20160827_100943632 img_20160827_101057082 img_20160827_101534607 img_20160827_101732743 img_20160827_101735577 img_20160827_101804320 img_20160827_101827787_hdr img_20160827_102023104 img_20160827_102544850 img_20160827_102657289 img_20160827_102706085 img_20160827_103036370 img_20160827_103840728_top img_20160827_104533754unnamedunnamed-1 img_20160827_105258814 img_20160827_105324960

Tailgating at Miller Park – Let’s go Brew Crew!


Playing with my food while tailgating…

img_20160828_115104926_hdr img_20160828_115112778

Making a sign at Miller Park!


Daddy’s sign…

img_20160828_125930037 img_20160828_133627513_top img_20160828_142141315 img_20160828_142157499

Grandma & Grandpa came for a special visit for a couple days!

img_20160831_194802385 img_20160901_183027368

Watching the Badgers Game at the Capitol during Taste of Madison with Mommy, Daddy, and Matt Bever (Daddy’s buddy from Marshfield).

img_20160903_144327129 img_20160903_160714565 img_20160903_175421442_hdr img_20160903_175429194_hdr

“I’m really, really tired guys” – Brady


Making “art” for Mommy to hang in her office.  I only dumped over one container of paint 😉


My artwork in Mommy’s office – selfie!


Henry Vilas Zoo in Madison!   img_20160905_103756604 img_20160905_103947858 img_20160905_104703100 img_20160905_104708789_hdr img_20160905_105631771_hdr img_20160905_105850905_hdr img_20160905_110855669 img_20160905_112601949_hdr

Badger Bash!  Let’s get some free stuff, Dad!


At the Mayfair Mall in Milwaukee… I had a lot of energy.


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