Yep. It’s Definitely Football Season!

1st and 10 Wisconsin.  1st and Goal GB.  #GoPackGo.  #OnWisconsin.  #GoMason 🙂

The past couple weekends have been all about football – whoo hoo!  We’ve gone to two Badgers games – one in the stands, and one in the suite – which resulted in two big wins!  We got to watch one of Mason’s Auburndale games, and Mommy, Daddy, Grandpa, and Grandma went to the Packers opener game against the Detriot Lions. Wow, that’s a lot of football!  And I didn’t even mention the football that we’ve watched on TV.  So who is my favorite player?  Ummm, probably Mason.

We also sprinkled in a few other activities… like going to Rockin’ Jump (trampoline park) and making Monster Cookies.  Yum!

Selfie with Mommy.  She bought me a BIG cookie at Badger Bash. She got coffee and I got a cookie.  We were very happy 🙂

img_20160917_091855245 img_20160917_091841240_top

“Watching” the game from the suite.  Actually, I just watched Netflix the whole time and ate some food!


I was too tired to walk back to Daddy’s car.  Mommy needed to carry me.

img_20160917_142331246 img_20160917_142337495_top

Mommy, Daddy, Grandpa and Grandma at the Packers game … it looks like they had a great time!  I did too, as I got to stay back and play with my cousins – yay!

img_20160925_112016767 img_20160925_112029743_hdr img_20160925_113319023 img_20160925_133717301_top img_20160925_145029297

Grandma and Mommy got photo bombed?!?


Grandpa was really, really tired after the game…

img_20160925_161753973 img_20160925_165058412

At Rockin’ Jump… Mommy and I jumped all over.  Next time we’re going to get Daddy a pair of socks so he can jump too!


img_20161001_092852613 img_20161001_092728198 img_20161001_092403513 img_20161001_092326371_top img_20161001_092217028 img_20161001_092115467


Checkin’ out the Monster Cookies that Mommy made for me to take to daycare and share with all my friends this week.  My dinosaur puzzle pieces needed to check it out too 🙂

img_20161001_183935767_top img_20161001_183902615




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