My Bucky Badger 3rd Birthday Party!

Last weekend we celebrated my 3rd birthday in true Wisconsin style.  How you ask? With a Bucky Badger Birthday Bash, of course!!  A special thank you to all my family and friends who came to my house to celebrate with me!  Thank you to all of you who had to travel too – I really appreciate you making the drive to see me!  And, of course, a super special thank you to everyone for all my very awesome presents!  I LOVE presents!

Check out all the fun we had at my birthday party last weekend….

Opening all of my really cool new presents!

img_20161022_125328922 img_20161022_125052894 img_20161022_124802061_top img_20161022_124649474 img_20161022_124233117 img_20161022_124222657 img_20161022_124116866 img_20161022_124015569_top img_20161022_124010437 img_20161022_123915731

Cake Time!  Check out my Bucky Badger Cake

img_20161022_141816403_top img_20161022_141858523 img_20161022_141907962 img_20161022_141927831

It’s my party and I’ll cry if I want to, cry if I want to….


Thank you to all my family and friends for celebrating my 3rd birthday with me!

img_20161022_114818260_top img_20161022_114809533_hdr img_20161022_114755952 img_20161022_114747640_top img_20161022_121021323_hdr img_20161022_121011983 img_20161022_121037653 img_20161022_130410016 img_20161022_141943342

“It’s me guys, it’s Brady.”

img_20161022_125940700 img_20161022_125939838_topimg_20161023_094112673

Bruno even made a new friend….

….but Bruno will always be Daddy’s best friend.


And then there’s Camry and my Uncle Dustin…


Thanks for a super-duper fun party, everyone!  I had a GREAT birthday party!


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