Our Little Bucky!

Trick-or-Treat, everyone!  Hope you got lots of yummy treats (like I did) this Halloween! Mommy, Daddy, Bruno and I went trick-or-treating to a few of our neighbors’ houses in our community.  We went to approximately 8 houses, but by the 5th house I was ready to go home!

Mommy and Daddy didn’t dress up this year, but I was Bucky Badger and Bruno was a horse (a knight’s horse, as he had a knight strapped on to his back).

I also had a Halloween party at daycare earlier that day.  Mommy and I made Halloween dirt cups that I shared with all my friends at daycare … everyone loved them!

Last weekend we also met Aunt Dawn, Roe, Grandpa, and Grandma at Knuckleheads in the Dells.  I had a lot of fun going on rides and playing with my cousin Roe!

Check out some of the pictures and videos from last weekend and Halloween.

At Knuckleheads riding the Airplanes with my cousin Roe

img_20161030_114155676 img_20161030_114205349 img_20161030_121213368

Making Halloween dirt cups with Mommy

img_20161030_165626348 img_20161030_165629475

img_20161031_163429669 img_20161031_163433969 img_20161031_163440663_top-1 img_20161031_163459661_top img_20161031_170816497 img_20161031_170849525 img_20161031_173200171 img_20161031_182743352


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