New Year = Presents!

Happy New Year, everyone!  There’s no better way to start the new year than with presents… which is exactly what we did!  Santa comes to our house on New Year’s Eve so we can celebrate Jesus’s Birthday on New Year’s Day.  We always go out to a New Year’s Eve dinner, and this year Bruno filled my stocking with presents while we were gone!  Thanks, Bruno!  When I woke up on New Year’s Day, we had lots of presents under our tree!  Check out the pictures and videos that Mommy and Daddy took of our New Year’s celebration.

New Year’s Eve dinner at Buck & Honey’s…  live music, shrimp, lobster … yum!

img_20161231_180629650 img_20161231_180642759

Returning from our New Year’s Eve dinner… there are presents in my stocking!


img_20161231_184737394 img_20161231_184908600 img_20161231_184910206 img_20161231_185141232 img_20161231_185159290_top

WHAT?!?  It looks like Santa came and Bruno was checking out the presents while I was sleeping!

img_20161231_202709765 img_20161231_202717928

New Year’s Day morning…. present time!

img_20170101_073421404 img_20170101_073444946 img_20170101_073933383_top

Bruno even got new toys and treats, and wanted to help open presents?!?

img_20170101_074145811 img_20170101_074234364_top

“More treats, Daddy?” -Bruno, 2016

img_20170101_074242224 img_20170101_074614655 img_20170101_074729916 img_20170101_075129913 img_20170101_075130947 img_20170101_075140893 img_20170101_075238701 img_20170101_080204489 img_20170101_080737973_top

img_20170101_081343410 img_20170101_081412740_top img_20170101_081527644 img_20170101_082157610

Presents are done and everything is all cleaned up..  time to put together my new Ninja Legos with Mommy!


B-Dubs to cheer on the Packers!  Go Pack Go!


Playing with my new transformers with Daddy!  I had a great New Year’s!




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