New Year’s (Mini) Vacation!

Just after the New Year Mommy, Daddy, and I went to the Chicago area.  We went to Legoland and stayed at Key Lime Cove Waterpark in Gurnee, IL.  We had A LOT of fun! At Legoland, I got to go on rides, play with legos, and even build boats for the water table. After Legoland we headed to Key Lime Cove where we went swimming in their waterpark, played games, and explored all the hotel shops and attractions.  We had a great time, but everyone was pretty tired by the time we got home!

Check out the videos and pictures from our mini-vacation!

First stop – Legoland…  Schaumburg, IL.

img_20170103_101002771 img_20170103_101147952_top img_20170103_101803500_top img_20170103_101946031 img_20170103_103340222 img_20170103_103411018_top img_20170103_103504769 img_20170103_103717928

img_20170103_104101609 img_20170103_104220542 img_20170103_104226085img_20170103_113943078img_20170103_114910843img_20170103_115039814img_20170103_115042460img_20170103_115100560img_20170103_115205816_hdrimg_20170103_115234751 img_20170103_104526129

img_20170103_104622305_top img_20170103_104633936 img_20170103_104739487 img_20170103_104748372_hdr

img_20170103_105817964 img_20170103_105837157 img_20170103_111400427

Second stop – Key Lime Cove… Gurnee, IL

img_20170103_140326174img_20170104_074345959img_20170104_074333281img_20170104_073547197 img_20170103_152556164

img_20170103_152641601 img_20170103_153239152

img_20170103_173707950 img_20170103_174247882

img_20170103_175126501img_20170104_082549270 img_20170104_083922328


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