It’s Been A While!

Sorry for the long break since last blogging, everyone… I’ve been busy, and forgetful! I’ve been meaning to sit down and write a post, but haven’t taken the time to do so — so sorry!

To get you caught up, won’t take long… Mommy, Daddy, and I have been having fun, but sticking close to home.  We’ve gone to Dave & Buster’s, tried a few new restaurants, been to the trampoline park, and just “hung out.”  It’s been very mild here the past few days too, so we’ve gotten outside some (but mostly so Mommy and Daddy could clean up all of Bruno’s bathroom “presents” that have been building up over the winter!). Happy #LoveYourPetDay! … that’s today BTW.

At daycare, I also had a Valentine’s Day party last week.  Mommy and I (with Daddy’s supervision — i.e. telling us to just hurry up!) put together my Valentine’s for all my friends.  Everyone got a Superhero Valentine, Superhero pencil, Mickey Mouse pretzels, and heart shaped fruit snacks!  We played games all day, and had some yummy treats — Mommy and I made Valentine M&M cookies that I brought to share too!

Mommy and Daddy also instituted another “reward system” for me.  When I’m a good boy (e.g. help clean up, finish my food, have a good day at daycare, etc.), I earn stickers. Once my sticker chart is full, I earn presents!  On Sunday, I got my last few stickers that filled up my sticker chart and……I got a new Rescue Bot!!  The next present that I “have my eye on” is the Dragonflopter Dinotrux!

Check out some of the pictures and videos from the past few weeks:

I definitely take after my Daddy! 🙂

Packers Buddies!


Dave & Buster’s — playing games!

img_20170204_112841869_top img_20170204_112907452_top img_20170204_113923566 img_20170204_113936633 img_20170204_115123554

Happy Valentine’s Day!


Our new favorite pizza place — Salvatore’s!



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