Time To Catch Y’all Up Again

This week is going to be great, right?  It’s the first day of Spring tomorrow so how can’t it be?  Plus, Bucky has moved on to the Sweet Sixteen… don’t forget to watch them on Friday!  I cheered really loud for them this weekend, so I’m sure that’s why they won 🙂

We’ve been pretty low key the past few weeks.  We helped celebrate Madden’s 5th Birthday at the end of February (Batman themed, which was awesome!), and have been finding fun stuff to do around Madison — like go to Prairie Kid’s Club to run and play.

Check out some of the latest videos and pictures from the past few weeks.


New tools from Grandpa & Grandma for Daddy’s Birthday!  And yes, they’re still in their packages.  But, Daddy did some “man” projects this weekend.  He didn’t even have to call Grandpa or Uncle Dustin mid-way… way to go, Daddy!

Madden’s Batman Birthday… just helping out with the presents 🙂

I think I need a pair of Hulk hands…

Bruno and Camry also enjoyed the party… maybe a little too much!

Bruno enjoyed Camry’s toys… especially her purple squeaky bone — that he continued to squeak non-stop!


Batman + Hulk = even more awesome!

Just hanging out at Prairie Kids Club…


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