April Showers Bring May Flowers… I Sure Hope So!

How’s the weather been by you?  We’ve been getting rain… a lot of rain.  So, we’ve been doing fun things indoors.  Like going to Dave & Buster’s, the Children’s Museum, and just having fun at home.

Last week, I also only went to daycare on Monday and Tuesday because I’ve had a little cough and runny nose, so Mommy and Daddy took turns staying home with me.  They thought that I would rest, but I had different ideas… I just wanted to play!

Check out some of the videos and pictures from the past couple weeks.

A little fun and games at Dave & Buster’s…

Just hangin’ out at home… oh, and dressing up Bruno.

A duck in our yard?!  Bruno is ready to lose his mind!

Look closely and see if you can see who is in the laundry basket “cage” … could it be Bruno? 🙂

Brady’s turn to be in the laundry basket “cage”

Mommy doesn’t think her house will ever look the same.  And look closely, I think Bruno is in the “cage” again!

Having fun at the Children’s Museum.  Stop #1: Paint a window!

Stop #2: Play with some cars, and drive them on the “roads” around the Capitol

I’m not telling you what I see 🙂

Stop #3: “Rock It”

Stop #4: Vintage Tinker Toys.  I’m trying to get one that I dropped on the floor!

Stop #5: Checking out another telescope

Stop #6: Running across the suspended bridge!

Stop #7: Playing in the water

Stop #8: Sending flags over to Daddy by wheel and rope!

Just checking things out again…

Well folks, that’s all I have… hope you all have a great Easter!

And… “Rain, rain go away. Come again another day!”


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