Memorial Vacation


I know, I’m behind in posts again.  Many apologies to all my faithful followers and readers.  This post will make up for it.  Promise.  It will be jam packed with pictures and videos leading up to, and following, our vacation to St. Louis, MO over the Memorial Day holiday.

Last Sunday (5/28) marked the “official” start to our Memorial Day vacation.  We started with a Brewers game at Miller Park.  Daddy got us excellent seats, preferred parking, and even passes to go up to the Johnson Control club (which we didn’t use, but Daddy gave away the tickets to some lucky fellow Brewers fans).

On Memorial Day morning (at 6AM!) we were loaded up and pulled out of our driveway. Ready to take on the 5 1/2 hour trek to St. Louis.  Bruno panted and whined the first 3 hours.  It was awesome.

We arrived in St. Louis right before lunch and started our activities at Forest Park and the St. Louis Zoo.  That afternoon we checked into our hotel, swam, and went to eat at Pi (a local pizzeria place near our hotel).

Tuesday morning we headed to Grant’s Farm (Grandpa Greg, I think you would have loved this place!), where we toured the estate, saw many animals, fed baby goats bottled milk, rode a camel, went out in a paddle boat, and saw the Budweiser Clydesdales.  After that we headed to the Magic House for the afternoon, which is the Children’s Museum in St. Louis.  It’s huge.  There were 3 levels of exhibits both inside and out, including their spring Sand Castle exhibit.  And then on Tuesday night, we headed to Ballpark Village, as there was a Cardinal’s game that evening and our hotel was only blocks from the stadium.

Wednesday was the “big” tourist day.  We headed up to the Arch first thing in the morning and then went on a 1 hour sightseeing ferry boat tour.  I was excited taking the tram up to the Arch.  I looked out one window at the top of the Arch.  That was enough.  I was ready to go back down (Mommy and Daddy said I only lasted 30 seconds in the Arch), but I was ready to head to the next thing.  My favorite part of the morning was making souvenir pennies.  I got to make three, but my boat one was “broken” (i.e. off centered), so I gave that one to Daddy after some tears of disappointment.  Wednesday afternoon we went to City Museum.  It was super rad.  There were nooks, crannies, and everything in-between to crawl up, through, down, and around both inside and outside the building.  They also had a Ferris Wheel on their rooftop that Mommy, Daddy, and I went on.

Thursday came and it was time to go home.  I think most of us were pretty tired, but we had a lot of fun.  Before we left, we visited the the Old Courthouse (Mommy and I laid on the floor to look up at the ceiling), and then went to Citygarden to check out its play area and fountains.  Mom and Dad expected that I would sleep the entire way home on Thursday… I slept the last 15 minutes before we were home.

Check out all the pictures from our vacation week here AND here.

And also check out our great videos from T-Th!






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