Time to Get Caught Up!

We’ve had a lot happening over the month of June so it’s time to get everyone caught up again!  We had the 1st Annual Meissner Family Reunion, baseball games, birthday parties, outdoor fun, swimming lessons, and so much more!

Check out the latest videos and pictures from the past few weeks.

Outside fun — Bruno’s sole focus is his tennis ball… even if it means running through the sprinkler!

Swimming lessons! I get to swim with my best friend, Reece, from daycare and my favorite instructor, Max!  Max gives me high-fives, throws me in the air, and makes learning how to swim a lot of fun 🙂

June even included another trip to the dentist.  My third time going to the dentist. That’s OK though.  I don’t mind because I get to pick out a prize from the “treasure chest” when I’m all done!

Mommy and her best friend Dre (aka “Auntie” Dre), who is also my Godmother, also try to get dinner or meet up a couple times a month.  This time I went with Mommy. “Auntie” Dre likes to spoil me, and bought me a new remote control Thomas the Engine and a bubble lawnmower!  I was so excited and wouldn’t let go of my new Thomas the whole ride home.

I also painted a picture for Grandpa using my new dinosaur sponges….

…and had lots of fun at the Hewitt’s (my cousins) birthday party in Rochester, MN

The 1st Annual Meissner Family Reunion was on Daddy’s Grandparents’ old farm in Chili, WI.

I saved the best for last!  Me and Grandma Linda YMCAing at the Rochester Honkers vs. Eau Claire Express Game in Rochester, MN.  Grandma was REALLY getting into it (and Mommy caught it all on video)!  Don’t miss watching the last video! 😉


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